Nick is always available when I need him & always responds in a very timely manner!! Thanks Nick!!!!

Customer since 2013

Price and easy to work with. I have referred 4 or 5 people.

Customer since 2011

Nick you have clearly taken very good care of us with our insurance needs. We only made a change because we were trying to save money being on fixed incomes & our medical expenses were eating us alive. We’ve been contemplating making this change before we did but out of locality to you & the Owens family we didn’t until just recently. This was a very hard decision & we were hoping that you understood.. Thank you for providing us w/the utmost of care & service. It is so sad that money plays such an important factor in some of the changes we must make.

Customer since 2011

As an ex-insurance agent myself, I tend to be a little more critical of my insurance agents 🙂 I ask myself 3 questions when considering an agency: 1) can I trust my agent has my best interest in mind, not his/hers 2) are they working with national companies and are the rates competitive and 3) what is my customer service experience when dealing with my agent and/or his/her office staff. My experience with Nick Hall has been excellent in all 3 categories. a) Nick says what he means and does what he says, b) together we shop my rates consistently with major firms and finally c) Nick and his office staff are professional, prompt and courteous….why would I change agencies? I wouldn’t….Nick Hall is my insurance solution!

Douglas K., customer since 2011

Nick always worked very quickly for me and was able to lower my insurance payments.

Joshua C., customer since 2013

I had a hard time with getting the right insurance that was in my price range. I came across progressive that was willing to help me out and give me the best policy with the right price. Nick has always made sure I got all the discounts I could get with owning a home. When I got into my motorcycle accident, progressive was there the next day going over the damage and making sure I was taken care of health wise and insurance wise. I would recommend progressive to anyone.

Michaela L., customer since 2011

very easy to work with and I got very quick replies to everything I asked for

Customer since 2015

Very quick to help me with any questions or concerns I may have. Very friendly and easy to work with.

Tony B., customer since 2015

Resonably priced insurance with good service. Prompt service when necessary.

Just H., customer since 2013

I really appreciate the personability Nick Hall Agency provides!

Twigz, customer since 2014

Your character and inspiration to find me the best insurance for my family and situations to cover my insurance needs.

Customer since 2015

Nick always gets my coi’s out on time. Tells me every year what he needs from me. When I need something I know I can call and it will be emailed to me very quickly. Thanks for making it easy.

Shane C., customer since 2013

I have been using NHA for 4 years now and have been extremely happy. Nick has always been able to help me out in a pinch and get things done the right way, always leaving me with a smile! I strongly recommend NHA to others. Kyle

Kyle L., customer since 2012

You took the time to “shop” around for me and found the best rates for me. You are accessible and easy to reach.

Elizabeth A., customer since 2011

Excellent service and very responsive to all requests.

Nancy P., customer since 2011

Made the process easy.

LLC P., customer since 2012

Nick has always been willing to answer any of my questions whether for a quote or how my policy works. He and his staff were very helpful when I needed help filing a claim.

Christopher O., customer since 2011

Prompt and professional. Understands my needs

Customer since 2011

Timely response to my needs… especially since we were a new business when we started with you guys. I would recommend any new business owner to you guys.

Erik N., customer since 2014

We appreciate your quick response to our needs and questions. You have a personal touch and we appreciate that very much.

Larry N., customer since 2011

Prompt service and great people seem to be the hallmark of this company

Chris M., customer since 2011

I have no problem getting information needed to handle the few claims I have filed. That is why we have insurance after all. My issues were solved in the least amount of time and without hassle.

Joseph C., customer since 2011

1.you are good about getting back to me in a timely manner 2. looked other insurance company for us with better rates

Customer since 2011

I love how Nick Hall Agency is easy to contact and have answers right away! When I got into a new rig I simply made one quick phone call gave them some information and in less that three minutes I new everything I needed to. #NickHallAgencyislegit

P.J. S., customer since 2011

No matter when I call, Nick gets what I need done right away.

Jordan M., customer since 2013

Best price for the best coverage!

Nick J., customer since 2011

Great service and diligent research to find the best price.

Customer since 2013

Nick knows his stuff and gets it taken care of quickly.

Ryan H., customer since 2011

I appreciate how responsive you are to my calls and questions. Thanks.

Richard H., customer since 2013

I have received quick estimates and have low prices compared to competitors.

Justin H., customer since 2011

Great Service!

Customer since 2011

Very easy to make changes and additions to our policies! Competitive rates and good service!

Kori G., customer since 2013

Quick service on accounts when filing claims or covering new vehicles.

Darwin F., customer since 2011

Nick is ALWAYS very quick to call me back, acts fast with any requests that I may have, and is altogether just an awesome agent!!!!

Kristine F., customer since 2011

You have been proactive and quickly responsive to my insurance needs. You are doing your job like a professional with positive results for my needs!

Dimitri S., customer since 2013

Always available to help when needed. Finds the best deals possiable.

Customer since 2011

Nick helped me to find the most affordable, and reliable full coverage insurance for my vehicle. He is always quick to help and has excellent customer service skills.

Brianna C., customer since 2012

I have a friend-Yani-who had a more difficult situation in covering his home, and NIck worked on it and was able to cover the home. There were various things that happened after my friend thought the house was covered, and Nick sent him the info as to what needed to be done.

Customer since 2011

When my husband and I were in an accident in March of 2013, your office was very supportive of helping me understand my next steps. Also, in purchasing a new car, your office was very helpful in explaining the process.

Customer since 2011

all my insurance needs are taken care of. Nick is very accessible whenever I need him!

Gary B., customer since 2011

quick respond. not having to visit you at your office.

Jeff T., customer since 2011

Well we’ve considered checking out some of the advertisements regarding saving money on different auto insurance companies ie; Geico, Progressive & then there are always those statements you read all of the time about “what your current insurance agencies don’t want you to know”, but we are pretty satisfied having an agent working locally for us, an agent we know & have met & is always there for us all when we need him. Sure we’d like to save more money ….hint hint but for now we’ve been happy. Thank you Nick!

Steve A., customer since 2011

Nick Hall Agency provides excellent customer service. The staff is very friendly and always respnds to any questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend NHA to all family and friends!

Sarah L., customer since 2011